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World of Warcraft Quick Auctions 3 Addon


Quick Auctions is an auction tool to help speed up auctioning large quantities of items, especially canceling. While primarily Quick Auctions is built for large quantities of items, it can work fine for a few auctions as well. A bit of tweaking is required to get optimal settings, but it is very flexible and smart enough that you can use it for more than just mindlessly undercutting auctions by 1 copper every time. Summary window and craft queues are included so you do not have to memorize every item and quantity you need. Shows total materials required to craft as well as allowing you to click from the craft queue to craft so no searching through everything.

Slash command: /qa (/quickauctions)


Groups are how you manage what items should be managed by Quick Auctions. You can set auction settings either as a default, or per group giving you flexibility over everything without having to duplicate your settings 50 times. There are no limits to how many items can be grouped, see the configuration in /qa config to set them up.


Includes a timer in the top left of the mailbox indicating how much time before new mail data becomes available, and if you are not using Postal then QA provides its own auto looting for mail. The auto looter will work with the timer on the mailbox cache so it will loot everything, wait until new mail is available and then keep looting.

Auto mailing can now be done per item or per group to any character you want. For example, you can setup your banker to send uncut gems to your jeweler and you can setup your jeweler to send cut gems to your banker. The auto mailer is intelligent in when it sends mail off, and works best when using QA mail looter. If you are trying to loot herbs from your mailbox while auto mailing them to your scribe, it will send mail off whenever it sees your inventory is full.