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World of Warcraft AuctionMaster Addon


AuctionMaster is a compact auction house tool for being able to sell items like the wind, scanning auctions for item statistics, searching for wanted items in the auction house, looking for good opportunities among the current auctions and displaying the statistics gathered so far in the tooltip of any item.

AuctionMaster was formerly named Vendor, which seemed to be a missleading name for the purpose of the addon.

Why another auction addon?

There are already well known and established auction tools available. But I wasn't very comfortable with them. I wanted to have a tool which is very compact, which doesn't overstrain me in the tooltip with too much information. On the other side it should be ease in use and totally driven by gui elements.

And last but not least I just had fun to learn many new things while programming it.

Compatibility with other auction addons

AuctionMaster adds a new tab to the auction window. It does that as compatible as possible. This way some other addons, which also add new tabs to the auction window won't get disturbed. But there is no gurantee, that all other auction addons, modifying the auction frame, will be compatible with AuctionMaster. It depends on how cautious the addon author was.