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World of Warcraft Auctionator Addon


Auctionator is an easy-to-use but powerful World of Warcraft add-on that helps you buy, sell and manage auctions, get now best profit from every item, know when to buy or sell.

Why pick Auctionator?

- Auctionator makes it easy and fun to buy, sell and manage your auctions.
- Auctionator is designed to be very user-friendly - no manual required.
- Even though it's easy to use, Auctionator provides powerful features, like Create Multiple Auctions and history tracking.
- Auctionator adds vendor, auction and disenchant prices to item tooltips when you're away from the auction house.
- Auctionator uses resources very efficiently, needing less that 3 MB of your computer's memory.


Auctionator helps you buy items by, once again, displaying a summary of auctions sorted by buyout price. That alone makes it much easier to find the cheapest auctions for the item you're looking for.

But Auctionator makes buying even easier by allowing you to create shopping lists. For example, you could create a shopping list called Consumables, to which you might add all the potions, scrolls, etc. that you're always needing to keep stocked up on. Or you could create a shopping list for all the materials for a particular item that you often craft. Once you've created a shopping list, you simply pick the list from a menu, then click on the item name to see the list of current auctions for that item.


Simply drag an item into its SELL tab and Auctionator automatically:

- displays a summary of all the current auctions for that item sorted by buyout price
- selects the cheapest auction
- sets the buyout and start price to slightly undercut the selected auction
- If you're happy with those prices, just click the Create Auction button and you're done. If you don't like those prices you can either select one of the other auctions to undercut, or manually enter